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hello! I'm finally here



Well I finally made it here after more than a few invitations.
A little bit about myself, I'm from Wisconsin, and therefore a die-hard Brewer and Packer fan. Most likely I'll be most active in the sports forum, but I'll be around..
After the summer I'm moving back to Arizona, However, I'll still be the Brewers/Packers fan I am. The Diamondbacks and Cardinals will have to be my second favorite teams, of course. I was living there when the Diamondbacks won the world series in 2001, and because of them, my love for baseball as a whole was rekindled, so I at least owe it to them to list them 2nd on my favorite teams list.
Anyway, hope to meet some of you guys (and gals) in the future here, look forward to some good posts, and in the mean-time, I'm going to lurk around here for a couple days.
Talk to you soon..


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the forums, and finally you decided to join lol, hopefully we'll have great debates in the sports section, enjoy yourself and please remain active.


Likes snow
Welcome to Central Fusion, try to not make an idiot out of yourself.


It's a pretty good intro, better than the average, so I'll excuse the fact that you're a lurker.

Start posting, and then you'll be welcome.


Packers fan yea,
I'll have fun debating with you in football.

Welcome to Central Fusion


A Darker Knight
lurk? lurk?! LURK!?!?

ok. whatever you wanna do