Hello .. I forgot to say hi!


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ooops almost 20 posts and I had forgot to introduce myself... how rude!:tt2:

Hello All,

I've posted a little bit already in the History section, it is a subject that I am engrossed in, I can not get enough of learning from the past(its the only way to see our future). Im particularly keen on European history be it of good times or bad. I also like mythology as well, especially Norse and Celtic.

I travelled Europe extensively for 5 years and have experienced a lot of what it has to offer, there are few areas I have not been, now I have settled down to the one location I call home, Wales.

I am currently a mature student(Im only 27 if thats classed as mature:-/) and doing a degree in motion graphics.

Nice to meet you all.



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I'm glad that you've decided to join these forums, hopefully your going to help us improve the History section. It needs all the help it could get, so hopefully your the person thats going to do it. Enjoy yourself and I'll see you around the forums.


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I could have sworn you made an intro thread but I guess not. Anyway welcome. Glad you are liking it here so far. :)


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Hi and welcome... from across the channel. You've been to Brittany? My husband's 100% Breton and while visiting relatives in Paimpont, we passed by the Brocéliande forest. And they have nice shops too where you can buy lots of celtic stuff. Must be a haven for someone like you who like celtic mythology.