Hello! I am a new member

I have owned a computer business with a retail storefront for about 12 years. I am now ready to close up and concentrate on consulting from home. the reason I was looking for forums is because I wanted to "finally" develop maintenance plans for my customers. I have had a few inquiries about it, and also, I always feel guilty when customers I know should have been backing up and doing regular virus scans have a problem. I feel like I should have been helping them prevent it. (and making regular money at the same time.) Soooo... if any body in this forum can help me with this, I would love to hear from them. thanks.

Michael Wells, M&R Multimedia, Inc.


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Are these home users or business that you are consulting? If they are home users I recommend they go out and buy "Norton Ghost." It's a fairly simple to use program that will take care of backing up their data. Of course it's HIGHLY recommended that they back up to a secondary or external hard drive. Otherwise if their hard drive goes bad they are still in trouble.

Then for virus scans I am also a fan of Norton, but I use several spyware scanning programs as well. What are you currently recommending them to use?