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Hello from Spain


New Member
Well, I'm here because I want get better my english level. I'm from Barcelona in Catalonia and i'm sure we get along.

If I write something wrong, please, tell me the mistake.


yellow 4!
We have a lot of non-English natives pass through GF with the hope of improving their language skills. There's at least a few who have stuck around to become good quality & regular members, so I hope the same can be said for you in a couple months time!

Welcome to GF. Maybe you can start by telling us more about yourself.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Bonjour, hola, hello.

Welcome to GF! We have several members whose native language isn't English. I haven't been to Spain but was told Barcelona is one of the must-visit places especially for nightlife. Do tell us more about yourself.


New Member
Thanks for reply!!!. As you said, Barcelona is on of the must-visit places in Spain, I think it has more turism than Madrid, but I'm not sure. Nightlife ... pff, It's true that Barcelona have many nightclubs and more sites, but if you're looking for more entertainment you gotta go " Zona Hermetica " in Sabadell. The problem of these places are the drunk people, especially the " Gitanos ", ( I don't know how i can translate gitanos ). You cannot imagine how many hours I have worked with red cross in this place. Horrible.


Registered Member
Hello & welcome to GF! :D You speak better English than I do Spanish. :nod: What are your fav topics? Do you like music? I've never been to Spain but it sounds like fun!


New Member
Haha, thanks but I'm wrong in many expressions, but I'm here for improve it!. Now, I'm in a sabatic year, but helping my father in his job. I don't do many activities in my free time, I spend hours, and days, and months. All I do is help in red cross, try do better my english skill ( It's hard for me ) and meet with my friends.

Music ... especially power metal and old rock, but I like all music in general.


New Member
Welcome Mr. Spain,,,
Its good Plate forum to improve your English... I appreciate your efforts but you have to read out grammar rules..
This necessary to improve English...


Creeping On You
Hola! Anonkin. Welcome to the forum! I'm positive that your stay here will improve your english. I look forward to seeing you around the forum.
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