Hello from Ohio...


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Hi all, I'm Becca and I live in NE Ohio.
I have three teen boys 15 17 18 so if my humor is off they're to blame.
I've been married going on 19 years now if my mood is of he's to blame.:D
Just kidding I'm looking for a fun message board and I'm hoping this is it.


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Haha, this is great! We now have a Storm + Storm_in_a C-Cup, a PretzelCorps + T3hPr3tz3l, and now a Rebeccaaa + Becca (I think there was one other, but the newer member didn't stick around).

This is definitely a fun message board. Every once in a while a couple people will get involved in some drama, but it's avoidable, and the exception rather than the rule. Hope you stick around!


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Hellow from Canada,

Welcome to the forums Becca, glad to have you here. I would definitely like to know about you if you'd like to share with us.

It's always nice to see older people joining the forums since they have more experience and such.

If you have any questions don't be shy to ask.


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This is definitely a fun forum. Hope you like it and stick around.