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Hello from Mr Interesting. A bit about me!

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Hi, Im Mr Interesting :)

I love collecting tea towels and eating pies. I'm a really interesting guy and my conversation is riveting especially when I talk about my love for rectangle shape spotting. I also like to collect strange shape desk tidy´s and funny shaped turnips and have quite a collection.

My favorite tea towel however, has a picture on it as follows............

Its has a picture of a mackerel called Colin who is wearing a pair of rayban's, sat on a deck chair whilst fishing for conger eels off a pier somewhere in Essex. (I think its Southend On Sea pier). Colin is also sipping a fine Shiraz and playing donkey kong on his play station portable. In the background, there is a man with a tattoo on his left forearm. The tattoo is a red rose with the word “Mum” under it. He also has “love” and “hat” tattooed across his fingers. (It should be love and hate but he lost a finger in a freak yachting accident back in 1983) He is stood at the piers theater box office, queuing for tickets for a Joe Longthorn concert with a guest appearance by The Crankies. The lady behind the counter who I believe is called Tracey (I might be wrong with the name, she might be called Susan. To be sure, I will research her name in my encyclopedia of the worlds greatest tea towel designs) is on the phone to the social, because she has been rumbled by her ex boyfriend Bernard, for claiming dole whilst holding down a full time job. Tracey, or possibly Susan, is very distinct in the fact that she has a goggle eye. (Its hard to tell whether she is looking at you or trying to see if the bus is coming).

I thought I would join your forum as I have no friends. I have just bought a new Datsun (well its a 1978 model but its new to me), so if I make friends with a woman I can assure you total style transport. I am easy going and would like to meet any one with the same riveting hobbies that I have. I have just started door hinge collecting. My favorite hobby is belly button fluff collecting. I worked at Mcdonalds for 3 years and still like to dress up in my uniform. It has 5, yes 5 stars on the badge because I was in charge of milk shake quality control and was employee of the month at least twice in my time there. This should tell you that I take responsibility seriously. I also know at least 30 knock knock jokes so I can keep you entertained for hours. The electronic tagging device on my leg is due to come off soon, so when we meet, don't let it put you off. At college I got a GCSE in metalwork so if you need knives and forks I'm your man. I have also once, built a pheasant pen. I have also a 50m breast stroke certificate. I'm pretty active and like nothing more than watching re-runs of Falcon Crest on UK gold. I like to eat out and my favorite food are pies and turkey twizzlers. My religion is Quaker because I love porridge. I have many famous mates including Claire Raynor who I met in a queue at Argos when she was buying a ker plunk for her grandson. So if you have any sexual problems, I know a woman you can speak to!. I also was once on the TV on morning worship. Pleas don't ask me for autographs though, its embarrassing. So come on ladies, im your gateway to endless fun, riveting chats and the finest turkey twizzler restaurants.

I am looking forward to chatting to you all and sharing my great hobbies!:nod:


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Damn, you are interesting. Welcome, friend.


what? no pink?
if interesting is the right word :lol:

you got all of that from a picture on a tea towel??? wow.:cool:


True Blue Australian
nice... i just couldent read it all, no offence, i just have a short atention span
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OMG! xD nice intro...xD

Want to be my friend? =D

Welcome Mr Interesting :)


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Staff member
Not much point in keeping this thread open seeing as "Mr. Interesting" never stuck around. Please check dates before replying to intro threads please guys.
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