Hello from a caring lady newbie!


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Just found this sight and thought I'd say hi!!! My ebay name is in my profile and I am watching most of the auctions that are listed here! LOL Anything strange or weird and I gotta watch!

How in the heck do you go up levels? Is it time based? Or maybe by how many posts? Never saw anything like this before!

Ok why is it editing instead of posting a reply? This is strange.
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Hey,, Welcome to the board !! I haven`t been here that long either but to advance levels, "I think" goes by the number of posts !! If you go up to the top of the page & look for Faq. it will tell you the levels. Cant remember just where it is, but it is there somewhere !! Anyway,, Welcome !!!


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It's also based on how many days you have been a member. Welcome.