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hello everyone


Registered Member
hi everyone. my name is Jennifer and i am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. i found this place from Google while looking for a chat forum and well i liked the looks of this place from what i saw. i dunno what else to put here but if you want to know more, just ask. thanks :)



still nobody's bitch
Hi Jennifer, welcome to GF.

What are some of your interests? Sports, music, books, movies, gaming?


Registered Member
hi Jeanie. thanks for the welcome. :)

some of the stuff i like is heavy metal music, custom cars and trucks (i have a customized truck), watching a good comedy and action movie (im a big Star Wars fan), and i also like to just relax when i can. yeah, im kinda boring...lol.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome, Jennifer! There's plenty to talk about around here, hope that you enjoy yourself.

What's your favorite comedy movie, if you had to pick one?


Registered Member
hi Unity. this site seems to have alot of really great discussions going on and i cant wait to dig my heels in and contribute some. thank you for the warm welcome :)

id say my favorite comedy would probably be Old School. Will Farell makes me laugh. lol


Registered Member
Hi and im new here too. =) Theres tons of really cool threads. btw, i read one of your posts about signatures. it could be like another site i joined and you have to make a number of posts to get a signature.


Registered Member
Hi Jenny. Welcome to GF. I think you'll like it here. Are you a student, or worker? Live near family? Like animals? Do you read? Play sports?


Registered Member
thanks for the welcome laserlight and shelgarr. its great to be here :)

i currently work as an assembly line worker for a US government contractor. we make sonobuoys for the US Navy. thats about all i can you i do. all my family lives in Virginia which sucks because its hard to be away from them because i love being with my family. my favorite animals are cats and dolphins. snakes scare me to death...lol. i ocassionaly read books. i havent read any in awhile. any suggestions? sadly, i dont play sports. im not very athletic...unless you consider shopping a sport, then im a professional. LOL!!


Creeping On You
Welcome here Jenny! You've stumbled upon the best place on the net as far as conversations go. I don't think you'll find a better place. Don't mind the flies, they chewed through their leashes.


Supreme System Lord
Hello Jenny.

I've already seen a few contributions from you, good to see you're making yourself at home and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay at Generalforum.com.
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