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hello everyone


Registered Member
hi everyone,
my name is mira,
i'm from holland,
wanted to see what a forum is like..
maybe yall can tell me something about america or about yourselves..?
lots of love ;D


Sally Twit
Welcome to the forum.

We are not all from America. We are from all over.

What are your interests and hobbies?


Registered Member
Hello and welcome! America is a huge mixture of people and geography and religions and lifestyle. There is just about something for everyone here. I was born here, and lived here all my life except for 3 years in France. I'm married, have two teens, looking for work, love tennis and reading.


Registered Member
Hello and welcome! :D Well, America is a really big place and I'm like really really small and in the middle of it. And Shelgarr's def right. There's something for everybody, well, except snow. Everybody else got snow except Florida and where I live. :stare: You prolly have snow too. How deep is the snow there? I wanna build a giant snow alien but we dont have any snow yet and I hope we get some. :nod:
Btw, I love music and snow. What are your fav topics?


I'm serious
LOL @ Dekzper's snow fetish.

Hi Mira. Welcome to GF. You're the second Dutch new member in just a couple of days. What's happening there in the Netherlands?

Like Bliss said, we are from all over, even Estonia and Albania. So you can learn more about lots of places, not just America! ;)


Babeasaurus Sex
Hahaha estonia.

Welcome to GF :)

It's a happy little place with an awful lot of wonderful people so get posting!!

I'm sure cowboy Biz will be along to say yeehaw anyday :)


Creeping On You
Welcome to the forums. People seem to have forgotten to mention to you that some people are from Canada too. Maybe they assumed that by saying american, they meant canadians too. However, a little known fact is that Canada may be part of North America, but we consider ourselves Canadians, not americans. COMPLETELY different culture =P
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