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Hello everyone!


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Hi guys :). My name is Rui I'm from the highest city of Portugal. Then, obviously, I'm portuguese. I've never been on America or another continent ( which doesn't mean I don't want to ). I love writting, travelling and meeting different people and traditions. I like helping other people; it makes me fell kind of useful.

I love music that helps me relaxing and that have something behind the lyrics which makes modern pop unattractive to me (which doesn't mean I don't respect the people that like it). Hum.... what can I add? I'm not a christian due the lack of proofs. I'm agnostic but I also think this question doesn't matter on our actual world (once again I respect both opinions about this).

Well.... To end this post I can just say that I've been looking for a general forum where I can openly discuss several themes.... I hope I found it :)

Piece guys.
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Hello and welcome to GF! :) You are def at the right forum! Not everybody here is Christian or even likes new music. I'm not Christian but I do like new music! :D I think you'll fit in great here! See you in the threads!


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You've definetly stumble dupon the right forum for you....or anyone for that matter. But yeah this place is a great place to discuss anythin...even nothingness lol. Well i look forward to seeing you posts.


Haters gonna hate.
Welcome to GF. Great to see new blood!


Babeasaurus Sex
Hey there!!!

Welcome aboard the GF ship :) May we sail to new Greener places :D

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