Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
My name's Vibol.
I come from Cambodia.
I'm a new comer of this forum.
I see this forum is very good features.
Please introduce me!
Best Regards,



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Hi and welcome to the forums.

It's nice to see a new name.
What brought you to GF? What are some of your interest?

This will help you along you way to finding things. GF Site tour

Feel free to poke around and get used to the way things work around here, then jump right on in and start posting.


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Welcome to GF! I hope you find that you like it here and decide to stick around. It is a great place with a lot to get into.

See you around!


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hello and welcome to GF

hope you have a good time here, im sure you will find lots of great topics to discuss
Thanks all of you for your warm welcome!
I feel very excited to be here.
My interest is much more about Computer,coz my skill is IT.And also general khnowledge.
But English is not my mother language,and i think i'm still poor at English.
So I hope that all of friends here will help me improve my English.
Thanks you very much!