Hello everyone.


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Hello, I'm new here, but I've already made a couple of posts. I enjoy Photography, Airsoft, and Tennis (yes, I know, weird combination). My favorite TV shows are Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, NCIS, and Burn notice. I was a trekkie for awhile, but I watched pretty much every single episode and movie. Now I have no more Star Trek to watch. :(

I just wanted to introduce myself, as I plan on floating around here for a little while.

PS: As you can see from my name and avatar, I like Egyptian Gods.

EDIT: I'm fifteen, I think I forgot to mention that.
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Welcome! I saw you post in the photography threads so I already figured you liked it. Enjoy your stay.


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Welcome! I'm into Egyptian history as well.

Looking forward to the new Mummy movie even though I expect it to butcher Egyptian history once again.

Hope you stick around. You seem pretty cool!


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Perfect well done!!

Are you any good at Tennis, what's your strengths in the game?
I'm no pro, but I can return balls pretty well (don't turn that sentence into anything weird :D). I usually return pretty low to the net, however I have trouble with top spins. It is very hard for me to get a good slice, but when I do, its a VERY good slice. I can return pretty much anything with my forehand, and about 50-75% of balls with my backhand. I can return more with my forehand, however when I return with my backhand, it is stronger than the forehand. I'm still learning the game.