Hello everyone

I'm Chinese,and I'm a fresh man here.
Why I can't see anyone discussing here.

Ok,I want to ask a question.
I hered form someone that C can be write as the object-oriented.
But I don't know how to write it
does it the use of struct??


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Say!. As long as i know C is not designed for hight level need of programming term. It is actually a powerful language closest to the machine language than any other else.
But anyway! C++ is what you are speaking about. C++ has a built-in concept of Object Oriented Programming which provides
- Inheritance
- Polymorphism
- Encapsulation
- ...etc


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C isn't object orientated, actually. It's C++ and C# that are both object orientated.

If you know C, then I'd recommend learning C++, C#, or Java (J++).