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Hello everyone


New Member
Hello GF!

I've been a long time lurker of this site way back to 2004/2005, fell out of watching the site and forgot all about it, recently stumbled upon it a couple of days ago and thought I'd finally register and say hello! :D


Well-Known Member
Hi there Davin! Welcome to our forums!

My join date is in late 2007 but I too was a lurker in that time frame (2004-2006 specifically for me)

Tell us all a bit about yourself. Where do you hail from? What are your hobbies?


New Member
I hail from the East Coast, (New England specifically). I used to be a big gamer once upon a time but I fell out of it, only games I still play regularly are Team Fortress 2 and occasionally Quake Live. Most of my time now is spent obsessing over CSI and watching hockey


Registered Member
2004/2005? zOOmg! I dont even think i knew what a forum was that long ago.
Well welcome to the forum. Theres lots of sports here.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Welcome to the forum Davin. Glad you decided to join. Being a member is more fun than lurking.
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