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Hello everybody!


Registered Member
I'm 18 years old guy from Finland. I have to study English because I have matriculation exam in next autumn. So I logged in there. I think that's good practise for me.


still nobody's bitch
Hi Webb, welcome to GF. I think you'll find this is a fine place to practice, you might even make some friends along the way.


Well-Known Member
Howdy Webb, pleasure to have you here on the forums. Tell us about yourself, what you like to do for fun and what interests ya.



Registered Member
Thank you!
I'm interested in music, films, living, sports, chilling and everything else.. My English is not probably so good allways, and i have to practise more and more. After all I want to use English and communicate with people. I need it to future =)

I'm studying in university last year now. I have no idea where I go to next year.


#2 New Zealander
Nice to meet you! What are you studying at university now?


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Ohh.. I made some mistakes. I'm studying in highschool now, not university. But next year I have to do some choise about university or something else. Maybe polytechnic.


Boom Boom Pow!
Hey! Welcome to the forum :)


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Tere Webb, we are not so far from each other! It is good for you to like me want to improve your English! I hope you enjoy GF as much as I have!