Hello (c:

Hello everybody, my name is Shelby, just did a Google search and stumbled upon this site.
Left another bigger forum tonight because the folks there were a bunch of deadheads, hope I have better luck here :)
I'd love to get to know some of you, and look forward to hearing back from people.
Peace out :nod:


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yeah, welcome...i just got here too, like a week ago. everyone is really nice and very intelligent...and they aren't paying me to say that.:D

any likes and dislikes (i got drilled on this too)


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Dead heads? Well I can't guarantee you wont bump into some of those but who knows.... perhaps you will come to love us... I mean them!

Welcome to the forum, see you around. :)


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G'day Shelbs,
I'm pretty much like you in that I left one Forum and eventually googled and found this one. I'm a newbie too.
I'm from Scotland. For any more personal info, feel free to PM me, otherwise, I try and be quite a private person.
So you'll be in Spring or Summer down there? Here we're in Autum, gearing-up for the cold of winter.
Welcome to the General Forum, it does seem nice.
Hi folks, thanx for the warm welcomes :)
I love to do pretty much anything, from one extreme to the next, I like to party, chill, be loud, be quiet, go out, stay home, lol, basically whatever takes my fancy at the time.
Just finished Winter here, but still freezing our asses off :(
Bring on summer, I say!


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Welcome to the forums Blondie, hopefully you'll become an active member here.

I love to party as well, so I believe where going to get along just fine.

Maybe you have some good crazy party stories to share with us. I know I have a few.

Enjoy yourself and I'll see you around.