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Hello all!


Registered Member
Hi all!

New here today, thought I'd introduce myself.

Name's Stripes. I'm looking forward to getting involved in this forum - looks like there are plenty of discussions to keep me busy. :)

Have already contributed to a few posts, but I'll be off to find some more, now...

Nice to meet you all!


still nobody's bitch
Hi stripes! Look at you being all active and junk already, that's awesome.

Welcome to GF, I hope you like it here.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Hey Stripes, how's it going?

Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from, what do you like, etc



Registered Member
Thanks for the welcome!

About me? Hm...

Well, I'm 23. Live in England (don't know what the spread is on this forum!), work in research and SEO, and do a lot of youth work including working for a children's charity.

I'm a bit of a geek. I love collecting things, retro gaming, interior design, anything to do with money, writing, photography...

Had a bad past, now live with my wonderful boyfriend in our pretty-much-perfect house in a peaceful, green residential area, and life is fantastic.

Like to keep myself pretty busy, but love my quiet time, too. Tend to be very opinionated but I try my best to not offend - sorry if I ever do - I just have a lot of strong views and I love discussing things. Think this place will be ideal for me. Need somewhere to get into proper conversation - don't tend to have that many in-depth, serious or thought-provoking chats with friends or colleagues.

Oh, and whilst I'll probably stick to fun/serious discussions of no fixed nature, you might also see me hopping around in your health and fitness forums. I'm a 'recovering obese', as I like to call it - back in the overweight range and heading towards a healthy weight, so I'm sure I'll have a thing or to to say/learn in there!


still nobody's bitch
I think you'll fit in quite well here. Congrats on the weight loss!

We have quite a nice mix of people from around the world.


Haters gonna hate.
Welcome to GF, stripes! The spread is pretty even here on GF. We have plenty of Brits and plenty of a lot of other people here, to be sure!


Registered Member
Welcome again stripes. Good to have you here. It's a great forum and lots of things to get involved in. People are super friendly... and tons of smart people. Have fun. Keep on posting.


Registered Member
Hi stripes , im musaid form saudi arabia
and welcome to the best forum
GF is a great place to debate all sorts of topics
so stick around and you won't regret it one bit
welcome again​


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome stripes. I've seen quite a few of your replies around the forums so I decided to welcome you to GF. I'm sure you already noticed, but we have quite the group here, we are a close bunch and we have great discussions amongst ourselves. Hopefully you'll add a lot.



Registered Member
Hey and welcome to GF! :D This is def the place to meet awesome people and discuss lots of cool topics. And congrats on the weight loss. :) I've read that weight can cause a lot of health probs. If you like music, and I mean any genre, we have an awesome music section too. :nod:
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