Hello all!

I was gently nudged here by the lovely Easily-Amused, so I shall now take her advice and post her suggestions as introduction!

Uhm...let's see. I like lots of random shows (a lot of them seem to be sci-fi recently, too...), reading (most genres) and peanut butter mixed up with ice cream.

I don't really like the dishwasher being loaded incorrectly, people who are too serious all the time, or boring socks. Or shoes really, but that's not the point.

I'm from the lovely lovely midwest as well, so that's fun. Of the US. Annnnd let's see, what else did she say...Random fact....I've spent more time riding the merry-go-round at two in the morning than at any other time? I think that counts. So yes. Hello!


"Expect the unexpected"
Hey Skippydabeaver! Welcome to GF! I like you already! I enjoyed reading your intro.......... hope you stick around!


Sultan of Swat
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Another person that was recruited by EA, it's great to see when members recruit their friends to the site.

Hopefully one day you'll become just as active as EA, and hopefully you turn out the same type of member like she is.