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Hello All-


not a plastic bag
I haven't been around much, but I need some advice from some ebay experts! Please take a look at my new auction and offer any opinions, helpful hints or criticism.


item #6014320491

I am going to get a bunch of kids together this weekend and let them play it and take some shots of that to posts on the next auction. Also, I am signed up for the ebay keywords and I was wondering if anyone has ever used that service. You get $90 of keyword credit if you open a store, so might as well try it. Thanks All!!


Secret Agent
Staff member
I never even heard of eBay keywords??? That auction looks interesting enough though. Is the auction for ownership of the game rights or just a copy of the game?


not a plastic bag
ebay keywords are just like google adsense. There are 3 boxes at the top of the search, one big and 2 small. Often times, you will see 3rd party stuff advertised there, but you can also buy it for your auctions. The search is CPC and starts at .10c. The homepage is www.ebaykeywords.com. I have been running mine for about a day now and have 5800 impressions and zero clicks. I bought the following keywords: "board games"(pending), burger king, games(pending), star wars(low rank), star wars toys and the ebay category toys&hobbies>Fast Food Premiums>Burger King.

Not many people do it. I am #4 with board games at .15c; #1 with burger king at .10c; not ranked with games; not ranked with star wars; #2 with star wars toys at .10c and #1 in the Fast Food Category at .15c. Get into it and this all will make sense.

As far as the game, I am selling the actual game board. I am going to get a few games going this weekend and post the pics on my next auction. It really is fun. I think I need to show the play to get it going.


not a plastic bag
the keywords page updates every few hours. I just got an update and I now have 7000 impressions and 3 clicks. So, I've spent .30cent of my $90 free dollars ebay gave me. The ads point directly to a store item, so I should be able to compare store sales vs auction sales.


Wanna play?
Wow Spence great auction, it looks like you put a lot of work into it. I'll have to watch and see how it turns out!:)
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