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Hello All!


Registered Member
Man took me a few day break from the computer and it was nice! I missed everyone though! Hope all is doing well and I am trying to poke around and see what everyone has been up to on here. It seems slow these days or is it just me?

I finally got my ebay fees paid. Think I am gonig to list some regular auction stuff this time around, and of course get to work on my St. Jude charity auction.

James parents are taking us to the Smokey Mountains in September and I CAN"T WAIT! It's almost a happy/sad kinda feeling, because the last time I was up there was with James. I know there will be feelings of missing him in the pit of my stomach as there always is when I am reminded of things we did. I will push on though and make new memories with my new love.

So tell me what's been going on with u all!!??


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Hi Msbabedoll...I'm Tricia. I'm fairly new here.

I read one of your earlier posts that provides some insight to your comment about the Smokey Mountains.

First of all, I just want to say that I am sorry for your loss. I can't imagine going through what you have been through. I know one thing, I just hope that if it ever happens to me, I can find the strength and go on to love again as you have.


I'm enjoying my stay here so far. It helps to break up the work day and helps to take a break from cleaning. I've never been into boards before, but I find this one quite interesting.

From my short time here, I see a lot of people willing to help each other to succeed. Although brought together by auctions, there is a lot of discussion about other facets in our lives - whether it be school fees or painting a room. The internet can be a very anonymous place, but it doesn't feel so anonymous here.

I hope I made sense up there. I think I did. :)


Registered Member
Hi Tricia! I think I welcomed you in your intro thread! Don't think we have gotten to talk much yet though. Yes it is hard loosing a spouse and as far as finding love again, you really dont think you will ever love again, and you don't at least not like the one you lost. It's strange each love is different. Its like your kids, you love them all equally as much but its a different love for each child, if that makes sense. Scott is VERY much different than James was, but I love the difference and I miss the things James did that Scott does not. Its strange being with another man after spending so much time with another, but its also very nice to have someone to love again.

I am looking forward to the trip VERY much and I can't wait to make new memories with Scott. Now, to just make some MUCH needed money for the trip! LOL
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