Hello All :D


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Hello All. My Username is Frere, However you call me Chris if you please. I'm 17 Years old (Will be 18 in September :D). I'm an average teen, living in the Tundra knowing as Michigan. I love music, I listen to everything except Jazz. I'm a huge writier and reader. I'm also big into poetry :)shocked: Guy into poetry haha). I'm also very into computers. Which helps, considering I am a Technological Coordinator for my school. Um.. I have a bad heart. Which isnt the greatest and doctors havent given me a long time. But I'vr accepted it. Um.. Anything else be free to ask :D


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I think you will enjoy your time here. You seem interested in alot of stuff, so there will be plenty of things for you to post about.

Welcome and have fun.
Hey Chris! Welcome to GF. Music, writing and computers, hmm, theres forums for all those here so I'm sure you'll have a good time if you stick around and check stuff out. Sorry to hear about your heart problem, that really sucks. :shake:


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Hello brother! What made you join us? Welcome to General Forums.


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Bonjour, mon frere. I'm sorry to hear that, among other things, you're a prisoner of Michigan. I escaped from Minnesota years ago, taking refuge in Southern California.

Nothing wrong with guys who appreciate poetry. As a matter of fact, I banged out fourteen lines of a fifteen-liner this morning.

I hope that you come to love being part of the gang at General Forum as much as I have.


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I'll most likely end up calling you Fre. Either way, you seem interesting. I hope you decide to join us as an active member.


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Hey there brother...Brother :lol:

Welcome to General Forums! It's great here, I think you'll like it. :D Stick around!

Have fun!