Hello again, and sorry.


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I appear to have injured my computer. :cry:
I can't do, open or even look at a lot of things so if I haven't got back to people I'm not being rude, just a bit dim! :rolleyes:

(Managed to get to some pics though Bliss. Hamlet is GORGEOUS and doing a fantastic impression of Hamish. ;) :lol: ) X


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hey bad to hear you have problems with your computer, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know so we can think with you.

BTW Nice pics
Hopefully it'll avoid the morgue! It's very nice seeing you back though. Thought you'd decided to leave in all honesty so I'm glad that's not the case. Where else would we get our daily dose of hand puppy pics? :p If you don't have a PC whizz kid or equivilent nearby, perhaps we can offer some assistance in the computer help section. Do not go gentle into that not-so-good blue screen of death.


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Thanks everyone. :cool:
It seems a little better but tends to crash if I try and reply to threads, so I'm gonna be relatively quiet for a while but I'll still be lurking. :nod:

But no Jeanie, I wouldn't leave here, just been moving house. :D

Thanks again everyone and glad you like my pics. xXx