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Hell Yeah.


New Member
I never do introduction threads, I guess this is a first.
I don't know if I should write a massive speech or just a little intro because I always think I've written tons and it turns out I've actually written a little tiny paragraph that looks rubbish compared to others posts in the thread.

Why I joined...
So I was a member of another forum for just over a year and the past 4 months things have been getting more "user against user" than ever before. I left mainly because I don't want to be treated like that. [/I][SARCASM]Oh and for the record I have briefly read the rules but I'm writing this post mainly on common sense and previous forums I have joined and how they act...[/SARCASM] I hope this place is cooler than other forums I have joined and I hope my posts actually help LOL.

About Me
Hi, I'm Jess, 17 years old. England. (That means I am female :lick:)

I am currently studying Photography.

I have a massive taste in music but I can totally promise you my favourite bands are; Slipknot, Billy Talent, Hawthorne Heights and System of a Down.

Pasta is ALWAYS my number one choice. Occasionally I have random "I want greek salad" moods. I love pizza too.

I love love love learning about people and cultures, I just love learning in general. -insert nerdy emote-

Any questions ask away.
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hello jess
and welcome in the best forums
i'm musaid from saudi arabia '' K.S.A ''
and i love to have a friends from all the world
and here i fonud them here in GF
so stick around and you won't regret it one bit
good luck​


Registered Member
Hi and welcome! :D And yeah, I've been there too (trolling sites). :shifteyes: You'll def like this site. Zero trolling! :) And friendly peeps too! I love pizza, Hawthorne Heights is def fun, and I totally love photography! Do you like Cage The Elephant or Hollywood Undead? You should def check out the music section! There's a Battle of the Bands there right now, fun! :D


Supreme System Lord
Hiya Jess, yeah this place is the coolest around, for sure!!

Always good to be welcoming Brits to the forum and your taste in Billy Talent has definitely got us off the on the right foot!!

Stick around and you'll no doubt become as addicted as the rest of us!!


Haters gonna hate.
Nice to see another Brit here on GF! Welcome!

I dig the center align use, very creative!


Registered Member
Welcome to GF. With years and years of forum experience I really like this one. Veterans are friendly and helpful. Glad to have you.


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Welcome and I hope you find everything you are looking for here!
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