Helens Erupts


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Helens had a second steam eruption, followed by a powerful tremor leading scientests to believe that a actual eruption is in progress or imminent

They have raised the elert level to 3 (lat time I reported this, i guess was actually worng information, was updated, and i never relayed that)

and have evacuated areas up tp 5 miles away from the volcano... after the second eruption, the tremor was tracked from western washington to central Oregon, meaning a movement of Magma leading to the evac and raise in elert level



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You have to love mother nature...with awesome events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, and earthquakes. There are plenty others too. It sucks that they are so dangerious though and cause many deaths.


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Helens has erupted again today, belching more steam... though this time there were periodic quakes durring the eruption, leading scientists to believe it could blow at any moment

one predicted that there is a 70% chance for it to actually have a volcanic eruption, and a 30% chance that it might just go back to sleep

MSNBC article said:
‘Dramatic uplift’ seen
“Since that first burst of steam and ash (last week), we’ve had a continuing build-up of earthquakes, indicating the pressure still is mounting undernearth," he said. "USGS crews just yesterday observed dramatic uplift in the crater floor underneath the glacier and on part of the lava dome. Cracks are opening up, so we know that something is pushing up close to the surface right now."
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its getting very interesting


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I watched the press conference. THe guy said that they don't know what's going on. Basically he said it's spitting out steam and anything can happen.. but he just described everything will happen like they're all gonna work out.