Heisman Finalists


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Colt McCoy - Texas, QB
Toby Gerhart - Stanford, RB
Mark Ingram - Alabama, RB
Ndamukong Suh - Nebraska, DT
Tim Tebow - Florida, QB

I'm surprised to see Suh as a finalist even though I think he deserves it and he would actually get my vote. I'd love to see another defensive player win the award. He's the best player in college football.

If Tebow or McCoy wins then the award is a joke. Tebow didn't have a great year, and McCoy was not spectacular and had a very poor game against Nebraska.

My guess is either McCoy or Ingram will win. The voters seem to love players that play for one of the top two teams.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm a huge Tebow fan as you already know, but there's no way he deserves to win this award. His was one of the best in the nation, but he didn't put up spectacular numbers.

In my opinion, I would give it to Ingram, I believe he was tremendous all season and he's arguably the most deserving in my book.
I think that Suh deserves it more than anyone on that list. He has been nothing short of phenomenal all season. He had sour sacks in the Big 12 championship game alone. However, he basically was invited just to make it look more open than it really is. In a more realistic note, I think that Gerhart is who I would like to see win it out of the realistic candidates. He has been pretty damn unstoppable this year and really shone against USC. However, it's most likely going to go to Ingram, or possibly McCoy since the Heisman voters apparently have a huge hard-on for QB's or RB's from the top two teams. The Heisman Trophy really doesn't matter as much as it should. They need to start taking the description of it: "The most outstanding player in collegiate football" more literally.