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Question Height, Weight, & Sex


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My name is Donald, 26, Male.
Height: 5'6
Wight: 214 Ibs

[FONT=&quot]I feel better healthy after lose my weight (little bit) from 220lbs to 214.1lbs within 2 weeks and still continue the diet plan and exercise.[/FONT]


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Height: too tall
Weight: too heavy
Sex: It's been a while


Gee, aren't I witty, today?

If you really want to know:
Height: 170 cm (I am, in fact, American. But I like to use the metric system)
Weight: 81 kg
Sex: Isn't it obvious?


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I thee man
I'm the healthiest person I know over 35


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Well i'm currently 5"9 and 160lbs, I'm am male. I've gained 12 pounds in roughly 6 weeks and hoping to top off at around 175-180lbs by September 1st. 5 days a week at the gym, love the gym life


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I've gained 12 pounds in roughly 6 weeks and hoping to top off at around 175-180lbs by September 1st.
That's not good. It means you're not balancing your weights with enough cardio and your body is putting on fat out of shock, and water weight. Anybody who claims they gain so much pounds in a little time clearly does not understand how the body works. Especially at your height, you should not be 175-180. 175 would be a max healthy BMI, not minimum. If you're doing it right, you can still put on muscle but fit under the max healthy BMI mark. Gaining /= success, unless you're underweight and trying to get UP to healthy BMI.


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I'm a male. I weigh approximately 170 lbs, and I'm 5'10."

I feel healthy for the most part.

What I do to stay healthy is by going out for walks around my neighborhood, watching my cholesterol and sugar intake, and take a multi-vitamin each day.