Height requirements?

Guys: Would you date a taller woman?

Girls: Would you go out with a shorter guy?

Personally, I'm not attracted to shorter men. I'm almost 5' 11" in a decent pair of heels which does make it difficult at times to find someone taller. There's just something more exciting about being able to look up, rather than down at my partner.


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As I've said before, a foot taller or shorter doesn't bother me.

I think it bothers people not because it's unexciting but because it's almost biological. Deny it as we may try, men are biologically built to be "hunters" and women "gatherers" meaning men tend to be taller and more intimidating. Women look for a taller guy because it seems to please some ancient part of our brain that equates stature to defense (which lets face it, is not all that crazy).


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I don't know many ladies that like short men that's for sure.

Personally I like my girls shorter than me, I'm 5"6, I like in between 5"1-5"4, but I don't mind if someone is the same height as me.

Cons, would you ever date a seven footer?


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Height or lack of it doesn't bother me. My bf is only about two inches taller than I am but I don't really care.


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I'm 6'0" and I've dated women anywhere between 5'1" and 5'9". I'm not sure I would have dated anyone taller than me but I certainly wouldn't have ruled it out.


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My boyfriend is really tall and I'm really short. I love it that way. Sometimes I do wish I came up to his shoulder or something - especially when we're dancing. Plus when we kiss he has to bend down. :lol:
I love him being tall though. I think it'd be pretty weird if I went with someone shorter than me as they'd look like an oompa loompa.


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I think it's going to be pretty damn hard to find a guy that's shorter than me so I really don't get the option. I probably wouldn't be attracted to a shorter man, I like 'em tallish.


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I have always dated guys that seem to be significantly taller than me. I don't know that I have ever been attracted to a guy who was shorter than me and I am about 5'4. I mean I would date a guy around my height. I just have a hard time imagining having to look down to talk or kiss rather than up, but I am not saying I would never.


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Do I prefer the girl to be shorter then me? Yes, I prefer it. Am I not going to date someone because they are taller then me? No.

I'm about 5'7"...not the tallest dude on the block. I think people take height too seriously. There's nothing people can do about it.