Heavy Rain director already written next game


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David Cage, the writer-director of PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain has already written the plot for his next game, Neowin has learnt via EuroGamer, and it is reportedly going to be "very different" from the serial-killer thriller.
Speaking on GameTrailers TV, Cage said he wanted to "explore and discover new things" in his next game. He then revealed that he has already basically written the next game.
"I have written the next game, so I have a very clear idea," he said. "It's not fully written, it still in the synopsis stage, but I have a very clear idea for where I want to go next.
"I don't want just to make some kind of sequel or whatever, I really want to continue to explore and discover new things and experiment, this is what I'm really excited about."
"It’s going to be very different, and I think it’s going to be very surprising," he added.
How different? In an interview with EuroGamer prior to the release of Heavy Rain, Cage reportedly hinted at the possibility of using the Heavy Rain format to tell a romantic comedy, or perhaps one of Shakespeare's tragedies.
Fortunately it seems we won't have to wait long to find out. Asked if it would be a while before we saw it, Cage responded, "Yeah, maybe less than you think."
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His idea dosen't sound so good, I was looking forward to another thriller, but who knows he might pull it off.
I'm glad we'll have another game by this guy relatively soon. Heavy Rain was great, I just hope this game is similar, at least with how much control you have over what goes on. I'd prefer another thriller as well, but I have faith in whatever Cage puts out next.