Heavenly Jesus Pinto Bean!!!!

That's right! I have THE ONE AND ONLY Heavenly Jesus Pinto Bean up for auction!

This is a most solemn occasion. A time for us all to reflect upon this gift of Mana from above.

I'm not quite sure what would happen if you planted this bean in the ground. Would it grow a giant beanstalk? The second coming of Christ? Or maybe the anti-Christ?

Who knows? Well you can find out! Just don't eat the Heavenly Jesus Pinto Bean! That would be bad, mmmmkay!

It's Jesus! That's my story and I'm stickin to it! :D

Thanks. :)

I was really surprised to see a bean with a face on it, and I thought to myself 'I have got to put this on eBay!'



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I see him...<bowing down> ohhhh this is a miracle....I must have this bean lol
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fairyquadmother said:

This one will get you a whole new crowd. I think it's really hitler.

It's an evil pinto bean!!!!! (bet you'd get more watchers) LOL

Ok, I updated the description to take these suggestions into account.

You're actually the 2nd person who has suggested that it might be Hitler.

* I am not responsible if someone were to plant this bean and sprout a 4th Reich or the ensuing Aphid Holocaust that might follow. Bidder discretion is advised.