Heat Vs. Nets RD 2

Discussion in 'NBA' started by I BALL U FALL, May 4, 2006.

  1. Heat and Nets will be facing each other in the 2nd round of the playoffs. this will be a very intresting series because nets have beat them 3 out of the 4 times they have played this season. Nets beat pacers by 6 and heat gave the bulls a whooping. I would like to know your thought about this series. i think since bull sgave heat a problem...The nets might win this series. I want the Nets to win because I want a diffrent eastern confrence match up than last year. I am new to this site so ya. It looks like a great site. SO what yall think bout this nice series?

  2. Vegito728

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    I'm one of those who thinks it doesn't matter what they did in the regular season I expect it to be a close series with the Nets winning it in 6.
  3. Escobar

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    I'm with you on that one. I don't want to see a carbon copy of last years playoffs, that would be boring. Even though the Heat took out the Nets pretty easily last year, this year is a completely different story. Not to degrade the Bulls or anything, but if they gave the Heat a run for their money, the Heat better be careful with the Nets. Anything less than the finals for the Heat this year would be a failure.
  4. AirJersey

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    I was thinking about the same....Nets has much greater chance to win it in 6 than in 7....IMO
    We need Vinsanity at his best!!!!!
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree also last year Richard Jefferson wasn't at a 100% and both of them weren't used to play with Vince Carter but this year they're, also Vince Carter had a lot of great games against the Heat this year I believe he had a 51 point game against them. Look for him to dominate the series. The only person I am afraid of is Shaq.
  6. the.game

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    The Nets have a realistic chance of winning this series considering the way Vince Carter played against them during the regular season but if they don't show up (like they sometimes do), the Nets will get blown out game after game after game. The Nets at their best are among the elite teams of the league but they're also capable of playing like a lottery-bound team. Luckily, I think the Miami uniforms bring out the best in them and the collective star power in this series should make it interesting.
  7. What they go to do to shaq is what the bulls did get him into foul trouble. Shaq Couldn't do anything untill the final games. Bulls penetrated and got the dieasel to foul them. if nets do this they will have not much of a probelm against this heat team. Also i agree on heat failingi if they dont go to ECF but i think they fail if they dont go to game 7 of eastern confrence finals
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    Well I hope the Big Three does show up because if they don't then kiss the chance goodbye to make the Eastern Conference Finals. Also it's easier said then done to make Shaq go in foul trouble, I think he's really motivated right now, especially with the big game he just had, he and Wade are the only people I am worried about.
  9. XVNTF

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    This is gonna be a good matchup. Nets vs Heat for AT LEAST 4 games. Vince will probably play his best like every games vs. the Heat. but Shaq is also playin pretty well in playoff. Nets will try to take revenge from Last year playoff and Heat will try to beat Nets back from regular season.
  10. fatboy

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    very tough series for both teams. i think the paint will determin this series. whoever controls the paint will take it home. both teams have great drivers and the guards can dish like no others. hopefully it will be an exciting series with allot of pounding down low and with that one guy, what is his name, oh yeah Vince Carter, we should see some damn good acrobatics.

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