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Heat-Raptors Game 7


Registered Member
Heat take game 6, so the Raptors-Heat series is headed to game 7. Game 7 is in Toronto, and this series has been close for the most part. Any predictions? I think the Heat will win, main reason being Dwyane Wade and their playoff experience. However, I do also think it'll be close and wouldn't be surprised if the Raptors won. But, for that to happen Lowry and DeRozan need to play well and their role players need to step up as well. Raptors losing Jonas Valanciunas was huge and a major turning point in the series imo. He was a big part of their success in this series.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm pretty nervous for Game seven. Luckily it will be in Toronto. I totally agree with you, Lowry and DeRozan need to keep playing like they have in the last two games, but the other players around them need to play better. Patterson has been truly awful as of late. Bizmack looks tired, you can rely on him at all expect if he has an open lane for a dunk. Corey Joseph seems to have cooled down. They'll need to bring it, because the Heat, especially Wade will definitely bring it.

Don't want to sound bias, but I think the refs will be in Heat' favour - cause you know, ratings and whatnot.


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Lowry and DeMar both played legit, and yet the Raptors couldn't get the W. Lowry was phenomenal, while DeMar died out in the 2nd half. Clearly the defence is a big issue. Way to many easy looks for Miami, and no one was able to guard anything. I personally feel the Raps need a new look for GM7. Patterson clearly doesn't look the same, and he's said it many times that he prefers to come off the bench as opposed to start. And instead of throwing Thompson and BeBe into the fold when Biyombo needs a rest, they can just insert Patterson into C and have a 2-big rotation of those 2. As for who I'd put in the starting lineup, I'm a really big James Johnson guy, And his defence on Wade in that short run he got last night was pretty good. Plus, he does some pretty good things on offense too. Can handle the ball, and is a pretty good passer as well. Just my take, but I think JJ at the PF for GM7 might be efficient