Hearty Stew

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    This is a bit of my own concoction:lol: I normally make it in the morning to be eaten that evening so as to let the pasta really soften and grow in size;) i used to do this sometimes the night before a Sunday when i was involved in youth footy, so it was just ready to be re heated when we got in. Lovely on a cold day:D

    you will need

    Beef, (stewing steak, braising steak) About 450g
    1or 2 large carrots*
    2 leeks
    1 or 2 parsnip*
    quarter of a largish turnip
    2 or 3 large potato*
    Olive oil or Butter to seal meat etc.
    2 or 3 good handfuls pasta ( shells, twists, pennne, whichever you like or have to hand)
    a can of oxtail soup/or a packet dried soup mix
    a packet mix of any type of beef casserole
    salt and pepper
    worcester sauce
    beef stock (cube)

    *depending on size,, i usually make a huge pan of this:lol:

    heat the oil or melt butter a good amount, in a large pan or stock pot and add in sliced leeks just for a minute or two. Add chopped carrot, turnip, and parsnip a bit at a time and keep stirring. Chop your veg quite chunky not diced.
    Let that lot cook while stirring for a good few minutes then add the cubed meat and again cook a bit stir a bit to get the meat browned. Then add the liquids. If you cant get a can of oxtail soup use packet mix and add it to a bit of water then in to the pan,, the same with the powered beef casserole mix.. something like colemans packet mix will do .. in fact any sort of beefy tasting mixes or soups ,, dont be afraid to improvise.
    Add the beef stock just made up by using a stock cube and hot water,,, just add enough liquid to comfortably cover the meat and veg,, and then a bit more. Add all your seasoning's now, salt, pepper a bit worcester sauce, i sometimes add an oxo cube as well.
    Let this cook now just simmering for about 20 mins or so till the veg is softening, then add the potato, the potato also should be cut in to quite large chunks. Now leave again to cook slowly for another 20 mins.. Now add the Pasta,, judge how much to how much liquid there is ,, add more liquid if needed and let it cook for about 15 mins stirring often.
    Now turn off the heat, cover the pan and leave for at least an hour.

    this looks like loads to do , but its basically, seal off the meat and veg, add the liquids and seasoning, then add the pasta... with a bout of simmering in between:D

  2. Impact

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    Sounds like a perfect winter meal. Would this work in a crock pot? I could make it in the morning before I leave for work and it would be ready for eating when I get off?
  3. Saffy

    Saffy Registered Member

    you could give it a try,.. not sure about the pasta though:-/ but hey just take the basic idea and make it your own,, thats what i usually do:nod:
  4. RJ-Cool

    RJ-Cool "Expect the unexpected"

    Another interesting and tempting recipe for me to attempt. How do you come up with these recipes? Do you combine bits of other recipes or do you just create your recipes from scratch?
    Anyway, good job on the recipes.......................thanks.
  5. Saffy

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    well i have recipes i take from books,i have a few lol, some i may have got online or from freinds etc,, some that i have just always known how to make passed down from my mam, :lol: one called Panackalty i will have to put up one day. i stick to some, but often variate it myself ,, and so it changes over the years,this one i did just make up myself ,, thought about it from an idea about another one i make ,, chicken soup with rice:nod:, i always say as long as you have the basic idea you can just wing it:lol:
    Like tonight im making a pork stir fry,, i will just use what i have in ,, i do like those blue dragon stir fry sauces in a little packet so i try to have some in the cupboard but other than that it will just be whatever added to the pork... peppers, onions, thinly sliced carrot, green beans, some noodles,, hmm maybe a bit of sweet chilli sauce along with the soy:lol:

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