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    All my life, from pre-school to Graduation, I attracted the wrong sort of guys...punks. In toddler days it was the sort of boys that would get their names on the board. Middle School it was the type of boys that would spread rumors on you that you slept with every guy in School. High School, it was the kind of guys who pretended to ever have any interest in you but turns out all they ever wanted was sex or their dead into drugs. I grow tiresome of always attracting the wrong sort of guys. Never have I ever even caught the eye of a good guy. Everyone says I'm oh so pretty, some say I'm hot, and others they say I'm cute or just adorable. I turn down just about every guy I meet because well, they are always the one's that just want in my pants or well you get the picture. I'm the kind of girl who wants and is willing to wait for marriage. I see my body as something precious and secretive and only for the eyes of the man I come to love and want to share the rest of my life with. I see it as, he deserves my body and it's a given he'll have all rights of seeing it in every way. The reason I'm telling you all of this is because, I'm quite lonely and completely ready for the right guy to finally notice me. I'm very down to earth, outgoing, I love to try new things, though I can be shy. I have to have found my comfort zone with people. So could you answer me this:

    Why do I continueously attract the bad boys when I'm the sweetest, most faithful, and modest girl you'll ever meet? (Btw, I'm not completely innocent, buckled down, or all that modest.. I do have my own wild side you know)

  2. Mirage

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    Well, a lot of guys want the benefits of a relationship without having to commit longterm. A lot of guys also won't respect that you want to wait for marriage, but that shouldn't make you change your stance on the issue.

    Where are you looking for guys, or are you, and what are you doing to attract guys? Those things can all play a role in the type of guys that you will attract.

    My stance on relationships is if you find yourself compromising in order to attract somebody, then it's probably not a good fit for you anyway. I think it's better to wait for the right person than practice on the wrong person. That doesn't mean just sit around and wait, but if you are looking you will eventually find somebody.
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    First off, don't wait for anything. Waiting for the perfect guy will just lead to you dying single. You have to get out there and search around, date and give guys chances. Guys tend to fuck up often and you may have actually turned down a nice guy or two without realizing it.

    Go at it with open eyes. Don't let yourself believe that you only attract the "bad" ones because then you'll find yourself closed-minded.

    So to sum it up: Don't be closed, open up and date a lot of different guys. That doesn't necessarily mean become a whore, keep your standards, but give guys chances to prove themselves because like I said, we can do a bang up job of fucking up our first and second chances.
  4. Iris

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    Become a lesbian.
  5. Major

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    The other guys in here gave pretty good advice. Even Himeko. Why are bad guys attracted to you? I think it usually has something to do with vulnerability. They see someone they might be able to take advantage of.
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    Hmm, thank you very much. All of you had great advice. I actually feel rather stupid. The way you put it it sounded like such a simple answer. I guess I just kept looking at it the wrong way or I just needed it brought to my attention. Well, whatever the case...thanks so much! Every answer is much obliged..though, not too fond of Himeko's XD but I even thank Himeko too. Srry, but I like guys too much. Have a great day.
  7. Iris

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    lol Yeah, I was only joking. But just open your eyes and try and look past the person's faults. Basically, follow Merc's advice. He has a good point.
  8. neum985

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    Well i think that if you could be out going and you are good looking it will only be the bad boys because they are the ones along with the preppy boys that have the confidence to go up and talk to a good looking girl.
  9. Zanthrax54

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    It's funny b.c. I'm a caring, loving, kind guy who can only attract wild cheating bitches! LOL...I'm convinced that everyone lies and everyone cheats.
  10. Mt_9

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    lol What can I say c'est la vie but, the lord works in mysterious ways.

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