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  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Let me know if you guys agree with the following opinion. Do you guys think that they found a cure for cancer already, but there not gonna say anything about it because it makes them so much money. I think they did find the cure already but they wont say anything because of all the money there making out of it. By example all the money there making out of it in fund raising to find a cure or the money that people are paying for treatments. So what do you guys think about this?

  2. Merc

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    Cancer charities makes A LOT of money, almost ridiculous amounts. I too wonder if they're closer to a cure (I doubt they have one) than they lead us on to be. Who knows though, it's just a tad bit shady to me because I'm not so sure all these cancer researchers use up all the money the charities rake in every year.
  3. There is no definitive cure that can cure ALL forms of cancer, considering all forms of cancers are different, you cant find a cure for one and expect it will work on another one. If you have bone marrow cancer, then you have lung cancer, they would have to be treated differently.
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    Yeah but the biggest cancer in the world in Lung Cancer, I am sure that they have found a cure for that, like I said earlier that with all the money their raising for cures, they wouldn't say a word if they found one. Also look at just one example of something to raise money for cancer, its those Lance Armstrong bracelets, and they've sold over 60 million of those things and their worth more then 1$ each.
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    I'm not so sure that they would hide away the cure for cancer(any type). Imagine what would happen if the public knew the government was keeping the cure for cancer away from the needy. People would be crazier than ever.
  6. Yeah, especially when famous people, or people in power get cancer, some how I think they'd have revealed it by now if there was a cure.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    Yea but look at all those famous people, there diagnose with this type of cancer and they survive and one of us get it we have little chance of surviving. I just think it's weird that's all. But I guess you guys are right in a sence, if the public would find out that were hidding a cure from them people would go abolutly nuts.
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    Thats not altogether true. People are diagnosed with cancer everyday, and people survive everyday as well. There are more survivors of cancer, than fatalities. So as far as thats concerned, everyday people survive just as much as the celebs. (Cancer is just one of the top killers, because of how many people it affects, not its mortality rate.)

    I HIGHLY doubt that people are hiding the cure from us. Think about how much money these people have to spend on advertising alone. To put out one commerical can cost anywhere from 10-20 thousand dollars. Thats one commerical, on one T.V. station for a whopping 10 seconds. Multiply that by every station that advertise on in the United States alone, and you're talking in the 100 millions, easily.

    Now take that number, and multiply it again for all advertisement done in other parts of the world. (Canada/Europe/Central America/Asia/etc....) That cost is now easily in the billions. If not 10's/100's of billions.

    Now thats on advertisement alone. Think about the equipment they have to pay for, think about manpower, think about the bills they have to pay on their buildings, etc..etc...etc...

    Its not as cut and dry as you'd think, and I really doubt they are takin in as much of a profit as you'd expect. Most of the money is just turned around and put into something useful. (Now I say most; I'm sure they pocket some.)
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    Wow good point I didn't look at that way I guess. But it still didn't change my point of view on all this. There has to be something crooked in all of this. It's not possible they haven't found a cure for it yet....there's so advanced in technology...i just don't understand why they haven't find it yet
  10. Exactly, when it comes to who survives more, it tends to be the common people that beat cancer more then the famous people. They have not found one yet because its not that simple to just make a cure, it tends to take years in order to come up with something bulletproof.

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