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Health ramifications of women's cloths and shoes


Free Spirit
Staff member
"I hate Spanx because even though they look so good under your clothes, sometimes mid-wedding I'll be like, 'I feel so nauseous,'" actress Jennifer Coolidge once said. "They're so tight, who knows what you're cutting off?"

Spanx And Other Shapewear Are Literally Squeezing Your Organs
Shapewear, girdles, isn't something I wear very much. Actually its really rare that I will. My biggest reason was I wasn't comfortable but it seems it will do more than make you uncomfortable. It can cause all sorts of problems like nerve damage, hinder your circulation or cause acid reflux which can cause erosion to your esophagus. I seriously don't understand how women use to wear those laced up tighter than hell corsets all day.

This isn't limited to girdles those skinny jeans can hurt you too if they are too tight. Add stilettos to those skinny jeans and you can throw in back and feet problems if your wear them a lot. We women are about 9 times more likely to develop foot problems than men because of our shoes. I don't wear tall heels or skinny jeans often either because after a while they can become so uncomfortable. More the shoes than the pants, they have lots of spandex in them so they give.

Do you ladies wear shapewear/skinny jeans/stilettos often? How does it make you feel when you take it off? Ever experienced problems because of any of these items? They make us look good but is it really worth it?

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