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Health Articles?


Registered Member
How many here read health articles in newspapers and magazines? If you do then do you believe what they say?
Why would you think that health articles are done by doctors? Isn't that taking away their business at the office or your doctor.

Example an article by a doctor talks about taking tests and maybe how dangerous some are. If you go and believe that article then first it would make you not want to see your doctor. And if you were apatient of the doctor doing the article that doctor would be giving away free advice.

So my questions are 1 Do you read health articles? 2 Do you believe what they say? 3 do you believethe article is giving free advice or taking away business from your doctor?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I read some health articles and no I don't always believe them. Even doctors are human and can be wrong. How often have we heard something is bad for you then later they are saying something else.

If you have something wrong with you I doubt free advice from an article is going to keep you from seeing a doctor. It might help you understand your problem a little better but I think that would be about it unless it is advice on something simple like treating acne.


The Rock is cooking atm..
I don't go out of my way to read a health article, but I'll be honest in saying that if I ever feel something is wrong with me, I do tend to google the symptoms and just see what it says before going to the doctors because I'm a lazy sack of crap lol I don't think it's the be all end all, but some articles do offer helpful tips in regards to what types of foods to eat and what it contains. Also I find with every health article to do with Cancer thats released, I find that everything gives you cancer basically lol


Secret Agent
Staff member
I tend to prefer health articles written by non-doctors anyway. 😂 Doctors don’t really study much natural health anyway and are more prone to push drugs and medicine. I am more into herbs and natural remedies, so the articles I read are more of that nature.


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Husband and I read some health articles and follow some but I don't think every article or every diet works for everyone; you need to find what works for you personally. But be careful not to take too many vitamins and supplements because too much can be just as bad as too little.


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I do read and post some of them.. If I think it has to do with me personally I will check with the doctor first.
Otherwise I post them in case it helps someone else.


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I used to read weightlifting books. You would probably think that weightlifters use vitamins and powders. Believe it or not weightlifting is more
about health benefits than being strong. Not only does Arnold lift weights but also the late Bruce Lee. Chuch Norris on an infomercial as I had seen with exercise equipment. Brad Pitt, the late Patrick Swayze and women in Hollywood lift weights. As for the late Michael Jackson though he was one of the most fit people because his dancing was rigorous than even even most any aerobic class. I also believe he was on a healthy diet.
He would have been alive today he had not done that stunt. The late Prince was also fit because of his dancing. But I believe that he was taking drugs,

Well these weightlifting books also give you tips on dieting. Lots of people think that weightlifting is all about gaining weight. Muscle mass is just as heavy as fat. But true weightlifter also desires to have a small waist. This is why a wide receiver in football can run faster than a guard because he is lighter. A guard can have a comboination of mass an fat at 300+ pounds. The lifestyle of a guard is risky because fat is not healthy. And the QB and the kickers are usually lean because of their muscle tone.
But that's not the case at all in baseball. Heavier hitters usually have someone else run for them. Ok I guess you get the message that it's better to have less fat and it's easier on the heart all the way around.

Lou Ferrigno and Arnold are still considered the best bodybuilders of all time. Between Joe Wieder, Arnold, Lou and other builders are pioneers in weightlifting in the styles we know today. If you ever heard of the pyramid in benchpress lifting Arnold and Lou are part of the ones that came up with that.