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rainbow 11!
I wasn't sure where I should put this. >.>

So, I love listening to music. I listen to it for probably four + hours a day. Either through the speakers in the car or headphones. I have a pair of skull-candy headphones, they are pretty big. (If you've seen me in chat recently, it's the pair I wear the most.)

Then I have a pair of skull-candy buds. I bought both of these pairs right after Christmas because the sales were awesome. They came in the same pack and were half price.

My skull-candy buds are starting to fuck up. If I don't have the wire a certain way, you can't hear the music. This is really pissing me off. I've spent tons of money on headphones, ranging from 15 bucks a pair to 40 bucks a pair. It doesn't matter what brand, what price, or anything. They all last anywhere from three to four months before I need to buy more. I'm sick of it!

Do you guys know a brand that is better quality or has a really good insurance plan for them? I remember buying a pair of Sony buds from a store and I even bought insurance with them. When they broke I took them up to the store I got them from, with the receipt and insurance plan book thingy, and they wouldn't replace them because on the receipt it didn't specify what headphones they were. They were just "headphones" with no serial number, no brand name, nothing. So I was screwed over there. :/

tl;dr- know a pair of headphones that will last longer than three months?


Well-Known Member
I use Philips, been using the same pair for 3 years almost every day for at least an hour - 2 hours.

Sony is also a great brand but like I said, I've been using Philips.

The pair I have, are philips sbc hs500 and the sound quality is flawless, which is nice since it was only $15, no noise cancellation though.


rainbow 11!
Well, I'm looking for buds because they cancel out more noise than those. That's my biggest thing.


Registered Member
I've had a pair of Skull candy buds before, and they lasted six months until i broke them by accident, now I have another pair and they've been working perfectly for three months.

Perhaps you're listening to the music too loud or something?


rainbow 11!
No, I never listen to it loud. At all. I never have the volume louder than 15/30 and 90% of the time the volume is between 4-11. I only have it up to 15 if I REALLY like the song.


Well-Known Member
I have Sony ones that came with my mp3 player, and they've been going strong for 8ish months. Usually mine crap out right on the 3 month mark too Kay. Also, how do you store them....cause if you wrap them up tightly you can screw with the wires inside or something. My geek friend went crazy at me cause I used to do that, and since then mine have lasted longer.


rainbow 11!

I wrap them. How should you handle them, then?


I have a really old pair of Phillips over-the-ear clip headphones... they've lasted me about a year and a half so far, but I also don't use them that much. Maybe about 3 or 4 hours per week. :-/ I need new ones. I hate bud headphones though.


Son of Liberty
The only headphones I use are the Sony Bass Booster MDR-ED12. Those are really the only earbuds that work with my ears. I've tried a few of them from the Skull Candy to Jellies, to just about anything... and I always come back to my Sony MDR's.

I have a Silver pair and a Blue Pair... worth every penny I spent on 'em. Best part, they're not that expensive! You could get a new pair off of Amazon for about $15 bucks.

The Colors they Come in:



A Darker Knight

I wrap them. How should you handle them, then?

I just use the ones ipod come with when i walk around. I wrap them too, but not too tightly. When I finish wrapping, I always unplug the headphones so the end of the jack doesn't get too bent or crushed if I put it in my pocket or something. I'm not sure if that's the best way, but eh they haven't broken yet.

I used to have skullcandy buds too. The wiring definitely got messed up on those. I don't know if it's the product or my care because my friend also had the same ones and they broke in a similar way.

RP-HTR70 Headphones | akiba-gadgets.com
These are the ones I'm using at home. They do a pretty nice job of cancelling out sound without having to spend on the actual noise cancelling headphones. It also has a retractable cord so you don't have to worry about tangling ot getting it caught in stuff.

but for noise-cancelling earbuds, I think Sony makes some good ones. Haven't used them, but my friend says they work great.
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