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Music Headphones?


aka ginger warlock

If there is one thing I can say I need to buy on a regular basis it would be headphones, I don't treat them badly, I don't throw them or stretch them, if anything I try to take a good care as possible. All that being said I do not spend a lot of money on them either, these are the kind I normally buy:

Thy set me back maybe five pounds at the most from Asda, they work and they normally last me about 7 to 8 months. I don't know how they break, the just do after a certain amount of time and that is partly why I am not willing to spend over thirty pounds, I know someone who bought those Dr Dre Beats headphones, I will grant you the sound quality was amazing but considering I use my headphones mainly when I am commuting and also that when I see expensive headphones they do just scream "expensive, mug me".

Do you have a specific kind you buy? What is your price limit? How long do they last?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think the reason those headphones don't last long is that they use tiny wire and don't half connect it so it takes nothing for them to stop working.

I don't use headphones unless I have no choice.


It's not me, it's you.
I use the kind that wrap around the ear. I have abnormally small ears so I cannot use any of those ear buds. They stay in my ear for less than 10 seconds. I've tried shoving them in there harder, but it just hurts, and they stay in for less than 20 seconds.

The ones I buy are $10 at Radio Shack. The last time I bought them I got 2 and it was about a year ago. Mine usually last a long time unless I have some sort of accident. I accidentally ran over mine with my office chair at work this last time.

Found them:
RadioShack Earclip Headphones : Headphones | RadioShack.com


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I don't buy them really. I use the one that came with my ipod. It's a bit torn but still works and better than the others I have (my phones came with headphones but I never use them).


aka ginger warlock
I have recently stopped wearing in ear headphones, I didn't find them uncomfortable as such but I just decided I did not want them any longer, today I picked up this set of headphones from Argos:

I bought them on a whim because I found my wireless headset is a little unpredictable and at 18 pounds they were a bargain, the sound is good, they are comfortable and they do not fall of my head in the way I thought they would. I know people who use ones like Dr Dre "Beats" and Sennheisers but they are so expensive and honestly I am not sure I could justify spending more than one hundred pounds on a set of headphones.

What kind do you use and what would your maximum spend be?


I spent 20$ on this pair of headphones. I bought them 2 years ago. They are working pretty fine.



Well-Known Member
I hate the ear buds. People try to tell me that they have bass and that the sound quality is amazing. I listen to them for a second only to realize that they don't sound all that great. They also don't fit in my ear all that well and are honestly quite uncomfortable.

My favorite type of headphones are the full over the ear kind that are just awesome.

I currently have 2 sets that were $50 apiece. If I didn't take such good care of these I'd never be able to justify having them. (many people go through several sets a year)

Skull Candy Hesh 50mm

And then a Turtle Beach headset (with separate manual chat and game volumes)

I've also got a bunch of random older sets that I don't use (2 pairs of philips, 1 Sony, 2 Apple Ear Buds).


I mostly use ear-buds when I go out running. The bass is better than in other simple ear buds.
The ones you use, are the best I guess but they are too big for me.
Might look for something smaller with the same quality.


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I use earbuds all the time, it seems that I am the only person who is not willing to spend a dumb amount of money on Beats headphones or any other headphones. I mean, people use Beats in public, do they not realise how dumb they look? Nothing wrong with Apple's earbuds, very easy and simple to use, no hassle.


New Member
When I am out and about with my ipod I will just use the apple earbud's, they are pretty good, and they came with the ipod so its a win. When I am gaming or chilling to tunes on the PC I wear a headset, at the moment I have a Logitech G930, its not bad sound wise but when I get home next month I will be looking to upgrade to something with true surround sound. Not sure how much money I am willing to put towards a new set, if the sound is amazing I will be willing to pay a fair bit.
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