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Headphones or earbuds?


Registered Member
Theres some really cool headphones out there and some good earbuds too (In-ear headphones). Will and Norm have done reviews from the Japanese audiophile show and the Bowers & Wilkins stuff too. If I could spend a thousand dollars for cans (headphones) i would get Ultrasone or Denons btw.

Sometimes I wear my cans but if Im on my bike or on vacation or something I wear my earbuds. Thats because the cans could get stolen or damaged.
When do you wear headphones? When do you just use earbuds and why?


Registered Member
I actually don't use headphones. The ones I've tried have never felt very comfortable or suited for me, and the only time I have the need to hook my music up directly to my ears is when I'm exercising, in which case, I find earbuds are much more comfortable to use.

Perhaps if I took the bus to work or listened to audio books, I'd invest in headphones.


Registered Member
Earbuds right now, but I don't like them! I wont' get headphones though, I'll get higher quality buds. When I do power walk/sprint interval workouts, I listen to music. There's no way headphones would be comfortable or practical.


Sally Twit
I always use earphones. They are much lighter and fit in your handbag easily. If I got headphones then I'd have to buy a bigger bag and I would rather not as I prefer small.
I always buy the cheapest I can find.


Creeping On You
I hate earbuds but i use them anyways because its easier to fit them in my pocket. Also, in the winter time, its easier to fit buds under my toque.

I'd like to find a decent said of over the ear headphones for using at my computer though. However I'm waiting till later this year to get a decent headset for my gaming, and so i'll be able to just use that headset on my computer as well.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I've only used earbuds in recent years, so I would have to say that is my preference. I haven't had headphones in ages. The new technology and big headphones really seem like they're worth trying, but I really don't feel a need for them. Most of my music listening happens in the car or at the gym.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I just bought these about a month ago and I love them:

They were $78 so they weren't cheap, but they're extremely comfortable, and I have no problem using them at the gym either. Well worth the price, that's for sure.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I hate earbuds so much. They don't fit in your ear and always slip out and are just overly uncomfortable and annoying.

I don't use either but if I had to go out and buy one or the other I'd go headphones everytime.


Registered Member
I currently have in ear headphones which are a little uncomfortable and sometimes slip out and you have to keep pushing them back into your ear again lol.

I have in earbuds like this shape, which I find annoying and slip out whilst I'm trying to listen/watch something on my laptop. Google Image Result for http://www.maclife.com/files/u129772/Yamaha_Earbuds_380.jpg
My boyfriend has this shape of in earbuds. I prefer these cos they fit in my ear better and don't slip out. I used to own a pair of skype ones til' they broke lol. I will purchase some of these type once my current ones break or something lol Google Image Result for http://www.parts4ipods.com/WebRoot/Store3/Shops/es115703_shop/4A01/CE66/5DC3/7778/B7DD/50ED/8970/5936/Apple_0020_iPod_0020_Headphones_0020_Earbuds_0020_Earphones.jpg sig=110687162610526666074&page=2&tbnh=142&tbnw=179&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,r:32,s:20,i:31&tx=151&ty=58


Well-Known Member
I like both, but currently have earbuds in, but its the kind that came with the iPhone, iPod, iTouch, whatever apple provides when you buy one of their devices. Honestly, I like those the best because of the closeness and comfort they provide. I've had a couple of earbuds that fall out or just don't cut it with sound quality and what not. If I can find a nice set of headphones, I would definitely invest in them once again. But, until then, I'm fine with the apple earbuds I have at the moment.

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