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I know the phrase "headache" has become a loose term, but what I'm asking about here are the real painful ones that you need to lay down for.

How often do you get headaches? Are they bad? Do you know what causes them, like as in to much sugar, caffeine, perscription glasses, over active sinus allergies?

This weekend I've had a pretty rough tension/stress headache after dealing with some personal stuff that's probably gonna come back later on and bite me again. Saturday it was really rough, so bad I had to lay down because I felt like I was gonna throw up because it hurt so bad.

So what about you? Are you the lucky kind of person that skates through life with only minor or even better; no headaches to worry about? Or are you like me and get pretty severe ones every once in a while?


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I get a few of those. Of course, they happen at school, so I go to the Medical Center and ask for tylenol (my preferred treatment) and drink a good amount of water, and keep drinking it as I head back to class. That really is the key, plenty of water.


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I get tension headaches from time to time, sometimes they're hormonal, sometimes from too much to drink.

I used to get cluster headaches Cluster headache - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia every 18-24 months. They're horrible, they're the worst pain I've ever experienced, including childbirth. I haven't had any in over 5 years (knock wood). I'd break down and have a crying fit if they ever came back. I've heard of people through a cluster headache support site who committed suicide because of their cluster headaches. They feel like someone is sticking a red hot poker into your head, just above your eye. When you're having one, it hurts just to even touch your face.


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Eek. That artist depiction of cluster headache's makes me want to kill myself... :shake:

I do get serious headaches, but fortunately not too often. I never used to get them and have no idea what causes them. It started only about 5 years ago. When they do come about once every two months, I am completely paralysed by them. Even lying down hurst... Then I get the odd ones in between, almost daily, but they are bearable.

I would love to find out what brings them on.
Oh wow, that sounds absolutely awful, Jeanie.

Thankfully I don't get any of the headaches described in this thread. Used to get them (but not so severe) all the time when I was younger, but now, only when it's caused by something like travelling in a car or no sleep.

Sorry you've been having a rough time, Ice.


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I'm one of the lucky ones, if I get them it's not often and they're tolerable.

The kind I get a majority of the time, however, are annoying.

They kind of hurt right above my right eye, almost feeling like deeper inside near the socket area. Does that make sense? It's not on the head above the eye.


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I've been having pretty bad migraine headaches lately. I decided to go see the doctor and he gave me a mild dose of muscle relaxers to relieve the muscle tension in my head and some Tramadol for pain. He also suggested that I take magnesium supplements. He said the most common cause of headaches believe it or not is magnesium deficiencies... I ought to give it a shot.

When I feel one coming on I get nauseous and sensitive to light and sound. It feels exactly like a bad hangover, but I didn't get to drink the night before :shake: Usually a lot of water and a good nap do the trick... The muscle relaxers knock it out good... but it also knocks me out good too. I don't like taking them unless I have to.


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I get them from time to time, mostly all of them are due to being hungover. But if it's not because drinking the night before it's not really serious, I'll pop a couple of Tylenol and I should be fine in a few hours. Sleeping help as well.


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I get them sometimes. Mostly due to stress at work but sometimes from lack of food and lack of water. Two of those are easy to manage. Ibuprofen helps me out...and water...obviously.

I'm lucky because whenever I get them they are easy to get rid of for the most part.


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Wow I've never heard of those cluster headaches before. And I know it kinda makes me feel like a hypochondriac saying it, but I seriously wonder if that's something I should go to the doc and see if I might have.

I tend to get extremely severe headaches every 2 months. I can almost time 'em within a day or two. When they hit it takes about 15-30 minutes and I need to be in bed or somewhere I can lay down. My equilibrium goes out the window, standing up or walking becomes almost impossible. They are always centralized right on the top/side of the crown of my head, behind my left eye. My cheeks will swell up and both eyes usually go bloodshot. The worst part about it is I'm completely nautious (sp?) The whole time and feel like I'm about to throw up.

I've taken everything from extra strength otc tylenol to vicoden to even codein. None of those makes the slightest impact on it. To be honest, I always just assumed my headaches were because of my eyes. I've got incredibly bad eyes, and my left is the worst of my two. (Contact perscription is -12.5 in my left and -11.0 in my right)

The only doc I've ever talked to about my headaches have been my optometrist and he just told me that people with bad eyes like mine tend to be more prone to migraines, especially when they're dissimilar strengths like I do.