Head quits on Muslim assemblies


Ms. Malone
Head quits after Muslim assemblies row | The Sun |News

Her school used to have seperate assemblies, one for Christians and one for Muslims; when she took the job she left it the way it was for a while and then decided to scrap the idea and have an assembliy for the multi-faithed, she's now quit her job because Muslim parents have complained.

Now the majority of school across the UK are probably Church of England (C of E) or at least adopt a Christian faith, i went to three C of E schools; i don't remember there being many Muslims in any of them and i don't think they ever attended assembliy anyway...

Anyway, i personaly don't see the point in seperate assemblies, there isn't enough room to hold them at the same time and surely pulling one group or another out for the assemblies would be disruptive anyway; in fact why should it just be the Muslims who get a seperate one? Why not those who don't have a faith? The entire thing has opened up a huge, unessasary can of worms.


Ms. Malone
When i was young we used to sing songs about God and Jesus and say a prayer, i don't know what they involve now.


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And that's a public school?

Anyway, I see why they aren't happy. For some time they've been allowed to do these (have separate assemblies) and now they can't. Although I don't understand in the first place why have religious assemblies if it's a public school.


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When I went to school, we once had an assembly where some asshole who could dribble basketballs good or something lame talked to us about Jesus. I think he was supposed to blather about something else, though. Anyways, the school apologized to us, because that shit doesn't fly in America.


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I've never been to C of E schools, but my mum had and she was exempt from the assemblies because she isn't Christian. I can understand the Muslims wanting a seperate one especially if the assemblies are religion related.
Perhaps if the content of assemblies changes there wouldn't be a problem.