Head Lice


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Did you ever have head lice as a youngster?

How did you treat it and what did you do to prevent regaining them?

I had them for about six months when I was back in primary school. I must of been about six and I used to love playing rough and tumble and games that involved contact so picking up head lice was all too easy, especially in my school, it seemed like everybody had them.

I remember my mum putting this skanky, stinky cream in my hair. It was awful stuff but apparently it did the trick.

To prevent ever getting them again I just kept myself to myself and avoided contact with the people I was suspicious of.


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I caught them more times than I care to remember. My mum would have to comb through my hair with a "nit comb" almost every night because I was worried I had them all the time.
She would treat them with some sort of head lice shampoo which would smell really bad. It took ages to get rid of the smell.


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Yeah, I remember getting head lice at school, I hated it. My school used to checks for them every so often.

My mum also used this disgusting cream stuff that smelled awful. It worked. She also used to check me every so often with a comb to make sure it didn't come back.


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I never had head lice whilst I went to school but since my kids have started school I have had them about six times. My kids are only young so they are prone to catching them.
The only way to keep them at bay really is to condition your hair once or twice a week and nit comb it every day.
I tend to use the creams from the chemist then follow it on with combing their hair every day. The solution I get only takes about ten mins so it aint all that bad.


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Yes, this was back in primary school, they even had people come to check up on headlice but some of us never had it, including me, but I knew I did, so I got my mother to comb me with a nit comb, and like heaps of them got through. Since then, never had them.


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I've never had head lice. Which is extremely fortunate for me because I worked at a summer camp where I had to help look for lice in the heads of the campers that came in every week. When we found lice in any of the campers, though, we had to put the lice killing shampoo or whatever it was, in their hair, then they could get a haircut if they wanted.

There was this one little girl that was at the camp a few times that summer. And everytime she came in, she had lice. I felt bad, cause she was such an adorable little girl no older than seven or eight. I think her house was investigated for cleanliness and abuse sometime later that year.
I use to never be able to get rid of them when I was in primary school, no matter what shampoos or whatever I used, it felt like I had them for aaages.... and then one day, they were just gone. :-/


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I had them for only a short amount of time, I got them from my cousin when we were little. As soon as we found out we had them we got all the products needed and started doing each person at a time to make sure we got rid of it all.


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When I was a kid, I got it. My hair was very long too. They just cut it really short and put a shampoo that smelled disgusting. There's also a special comb for it.
Once back in primary school. The teachers would go through our hair with gloves and a pencil, once a year. My mother used a lice shampoo.