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    Often in films they portray the death of people. Characters in the narrative that bite the dust. Well, often it's a nerve-racking experience, and not nice.

    However, on the odd occasion there is some pillock in the film that gets bumped off, and is a real relief. Either the character is a bad-guy or just resonates a scumbag's personality. Sometimes he might just be some cocky bastard, or a selfish prick, or a conniving bitch.

    At which point, you may find yourself during the course of the film, wishing for their demise. There are plenty of examples, and not just in horror films. Some characters are just pains, uncomfortable to watch and loathsome to bear.

    So, please highlight characters you have wished death upon, presuming they may get it. Simply because they are an unlikeable presence on screen. And also illustrate exactly how they are dispatched, if at all.
    Please use spoilers if your example will spoil a film for others.

    -- Two examples from me:

    Die Hard
    The big bloke in Die Hard - Was a perpetual nuisance with an annoying accent, I kinda guessed he'd be defeated no matter how macho he appeared. Bit the dust after being hung from a chain, surviving and then getting shot.

    Lord of War
    Lord of War - Ian Holm's arms-dealing arsehole, who constantly has a sinister look on his face. He might have been a straight guy, but held an aura of sheer scumbagness, wished him misery. Is shot in the head by another nutjob seizing Cage's character's arm to half the deed.
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    Just for the record, you should probably put the movie title OUTSIDE of the spoiler tags. Otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose of the spoiler since people can't tell if they've seen it until it's too late. :lol:
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    Oh yeah. I'm new-ish, and it's the first time I've used such an extravagant feature on here.

    Thanks for the tip though.
    *feels like idiot*
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    Transformers 2 was a flawed film but one of the biggest flaws were the horrendous Twin characters. Everytime they got in a fight I preyed for them to be destroyed.
    When one of them got sucked into Devastator's mouth I rejoiced but it seems that even he couldn't swallow them :mad:

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