He descends upon a crowd of homies, and newly converted homies...

Man, I haven't written an intro thread in forever... figured I'd come introduce myself now, before the huge flood comes in in a few days.

I'm 20, like to think of myself as smart but unmotivated (some would say lazy, but that makes it sound like such a bad thing), live in the San Francisco Bay Area in an apartment with three roommates, I'm into gaming, music (RIP OiNK) of many sorts but leaning mostly towards psy-trance and indie rock lately, lucid dreaming, and generally trying to live my life in an enjoyable way. I'm gradually failing at making money as a freelance web/graphic designer, but I'm resourceful and will make do.

I'm a big fan of the parenthesis and the ellipsis.


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Didn't realize you were into web and graphic design Senator. Let me know if you ever need any help with anything. That's what I do too. :)

Welcome btw. Although in a few days you won't feel so new anymore when your post count is back. :D


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I believe that we'll get along quite well, indeed, Senator. I saw something about indy rock, do you mean literally independent music (like Dispatch), or do you mean that mainstream crap they call indy like Modest Mouse or The Strokes.
Although I dont discriminate, and only listen to music that happens to be independently produced, a lot of the music I like happens to be (real, not mainstream) indie. It makes talking about music with people difficult sometimes cause nobody's heard of half the bands I like. I like some music from most genres, and most music from some genres.

Dispatch is good (Silent Steeples is a great album).


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm glad someone other than me actually likes Dispatch around here, I fell in love several years ago. I'm glad you didn't catch a crap at me for the jab at mainstream indy music, but that stuff is just pop with a different name attached to make it sound more appealing to certain groups of people who aren't pre-pubescent girls.

I like talking about music, by the way, what kind of indy bands do you listen to? I'm always into broadening my horizons.
Heh, when I'm back on my main comp (at my apartment, I'm at my parents house right now), I'll be able to talk about it more... I listen to a really wide spread of stuff, so it's hard to remember it all without having it at my fingertips.