HDTV's vs Standard Quality


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Do you buy into the HDTV craze? They've been the only TV's in stores for a few years now but there are still a lot of people who are just fine with their standard sets.

What do you think? If you have or haven't upgraded, why or why not?
I don't buy into it. I still have a non-HDTV set and I'm happy with that. I'm not going to waste money on something that has a slightly better viewing experience. At least in my current financial situation I'm not. :lol:

If my TV ever broke down, then yes, I'm going to get a new TV and all the new TV's that I've seen already have HDTV in them. So, by default I'm going to get HDTV whether I want it or not. (Yes, I know there are those mom and pop stores out there, but I'm not going through all that trouble when I can just go to Best Buy or Target.)

I also think this whole HDTV thing is sort of funny. It's not like some drastic improvement in the television industry or anything; just a slightly better viewing experience is all that I can tell. If people are going to jump on a craze, at least make it a worth wild one. :eek:
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I'll only buy one when it's absolutely necessary and even then I'd still have a hard time due to the fact that they are so expensive. I like my TVs and they have served me well and why should I buy something new because it's becoming the norm? I never was one for peer pressure lol


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To get the benefit, you need to make sure that what you are watching is in HD. It's no use to watch a regular channel or DVD in regular format. I've seen HDTV in action, and I plan on getting it, however, I have satellite TV, it's of no use to me, I need to buy an HD Set-top box. Also, I have a regular DVD player. When I get an HDTV, the DVD player will be of little use to me, I'll need an HD DVD or BlueRay player. Once you have the set, then you know what it's all about. The prices are not 'toooooooooooooo' bad for now, but I wouldn't have splashed-out on all that 6 months to 1 year ago.


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I have a HD tv, right now it's just for gaming, but when I move out I'll use it for TV and hopefully get HD channels for it.
Because I use a PS3 I get blu-ray, although I don't have a blu-ray disc yet


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Do they make standard-definition LCDs or Plasmas?

Mostly, I want to get the hell off of these damned CRT TVs that are probably killing our eyes without our knowledge.


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Do they make standard-definition LCDs or Plasmas?

Mostly, I want to get the hell off of these damned CRT TVs that are probably killing our eyes without our knowledge.

Yes. They will be around for a long, long time yet, just like black and white televisions survived for decades.


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I got a HDTV and I love it. I mainly got it for gaming but it goes well with dvd's and HD channels as well.


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I have a 36" Sharp Aquos for the family room (which is pretty much my domain, has my desk and it's where I usually hang out), and my dad has a 42" Westinghouse.

It's dramatically better. Shows that use a lot of color like House (which is highly saturated), or a lot of shadow like horror movies, or noir are much sharper and more vivid. Also, almost all sports look tremendously better. Hockey, which most people find unwatchable in standard definition is easy to follow in HDTV.

It's important to realize that a lot of HDTVs are so-so improvements, my dad's Westinghouse looks mediocre half the time. The Aquos makes a big impact because it picks up color exceptionally well.


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HDTVs are fantastic and I'm completely with Kaz on this one. The picture is sharper and colors are picked up much clearer. I love having an HD at home, I only wish I could get one myself.