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HDD suddenly splitted and need to reformat


New Member
I have problem my 80GB SATA HDD suddenly become unformatted. Check at the properties shows that 0 bytes used and 0 bytes free. At the device management shows that 10G healthy and te rest 70G unallocated. I dont know how come suddenly it divided to 2 partition because the HDD formatted to 1 partition 80G. Pls somebody advise on what is going on and how to recover the data there?


Well-Known Member
If it says unallocated space then that means that there is nothing there. There may be a way to recover it but I believe that unallocated space is gone, however since nothing else went over it it's likely that the drive will not act as if it has been bleached.

Data Recovery Software to Undelete Files; Disk recovery; Recover Deleted Files

I've honestly never had to deal with something like this, but try that program, it may help you get your stuff back.

What OS are you running? Because I know that some versions of Windows 7 have a pretty good HDD partitioner built in.


New Member
Thanks Dave,

Im using winxp sp2. Actually this is not my 1st time having this.About a month ago the same problem happen to my external HDD(WD MYBOOK 2T) which I just bought for 10days! and now im still waiting for the warranty replacement. Its seems like mystery to me since 2 HDD facing same problem almost at the same time. The different is external drive fail 1st and followed with internal drive. Is it any virus can cause this? Really scare it will move to my last standing drive now IDE Maxtor 80G. If this happen the whole system will be downed.