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HD-DVD vs BlueRay


Registered Member
Well, the next format war is upon us, who do you think will win and who will you support?

So far BlueRay has alot more support but carries a 1grand entry fee for the cheapest player, HD on the other hand has a 4-500 dollar entry price. BlueRay can hold more space (50gb) but HD is having some new technology that will allow it to not be far behind.

Personally I will see what happens but I am really thinking about purchasing the Toshiba A1 in March for 2 reasons. 1) I would love to see Batman and King Kong in HD. 2) I need a DVD player that can up convert and thankfuly the HD-DVD is DVD compatible and upconverts DVD to 720p or 1080i, BlueRay on the other hand is not DVD compatible.

I see BlueRay not being DVD compatible as a huge loss. I see it as a big difference then the switch of VHS to DVD. When the switch was from VHS to DVD consumers could tell the difference by looking at the item, now that both current and next generation will be on disks, people may get confused and frustrated when they try to play their dvd into their blueray play. I could see a scenario like this,

Unsatisfied customer- "I want to return this!"
Saler-"Why, was there any thing wrong with it?"
Unsatisfied customer-"It doesnt play my DVDs!"
Saler-"Sorry, but this only plays blueray"
Unsatisfied customer-"What do you mean blueray? They are both disks and should work."
Saler-"Well blueray is.."stopped mid sentence.
Unsatisfied customer-"I dont care, just give me something that can play my DVDs"

I can easily see something like that happen. Its happening right now with people and their HDTVs.


New Member
OK so for under $400 I can get a portable system that out performs my Ipod and PSP combined. From what it sounds like RADMAI's MyPlay just may be the answer to all of this portable nonsense that I had with every other joke console I was tricked into buying. I got a 40GB mini-harddrive, plays music and movies, camcorder feature and digital camera, voice recorder, Windows compatible, WiFi internet capability for messengers and web browsing, play video games, works with you TV/ DVD player to record shows, and operates as an IP phone..... And fits into my pocket. Now thats what we've been waiting for. BluRay is hot. I think its what this new system has.