HD DVD Ahead of Blu-Ray, by a nose

Discussion in 'Technology' started by fc.NET, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. fc.NET

    fc.NET New Member

    Published: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 06:33:55 GMT

    "The unfortunate cropping of the Blu-ray image, coupled with more noticeable compression artifacts and an overall darker cast, can't compete with the more consistently pleasing presentation of the HD DVD."


  2. acidmix

    acidmix Guest

    does anyone have a hd-dvd or blu-ray player? I'm going to wait for a region free player before I try to get one of either
  3. Blur

    Blur iPimp

    I think Blu-Ray is rather pointless....still don't see why PS3 just HAD to use it. Now look at all the shit they've run into.
  4. acidmix

    acidmix Guest

    true that but if they work everything out, they do have the best technology. The xbox 360 will never ever be able to do 1080p and I think in a few years down the road its going to be clearly evedent that sony has a better system if your just going by graphics that is. so if sony can hold out through this I think blu-ray will win if not they will lose. Sony is banking on the idea more and more people are going to buy new hdtvs that can handle 1080p.
  5. Same here and by the looks of it Blu-Ray isn't going to make it in the long run. Sony made some really bad decisions this time round with PS3.
  6. Ibby

    Ibby Guest

    People should still wait another year, maybe two before even considering buying one format or the other.
  7. AYHJA

    AYHJA Registered Member

    I have an HD DVD player...The screen looks like candy when I'm watching one...I'm only buying HD DVD's from here on out, especially since many of them contain the regular DVD versions of the films for the same price...

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