HBO Series - Chernobyl


Free Spirit
Staff member
It is rough. There are some brutal scenes. Horrific scenes.

But mostly the horror is the people in charge who only care about perception.
I've watched the first two episodes. Hopefully I'll see the rest tomorrow. You are correct some of the scenes were brutal and the people in charge were just as bad.

There was one part that I was told didn't happen. Which it was a mini series not a documentary. I'll put it in a spoiler in case someone hasn't seen it yet.

Where the helicopter flew over the reactor and came apart. My son read that didn't happen.

The people in charge made me want to slap them. That one idiot at the beginning that wouldn't listen to the guy telling him the core exploded made me want to scream. Then those poor men they sent down to drain the water flash lights went out. Bad enough to have to go down there knowing you were going to be dead within a week but to be down there with no lights. I haven't seen the third episode yet, I hope they make it out.