Sultan of Swat
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I am still a little puzzle by the current storyline between JBL and HBK, personally I believe there going to face eachother at Wrestlemania 25, but that's a totally different thing.

My question to you guys is this, do you believe Shawn Michaels is considered as a heel right now because he's a partner of JBL who is currently a heel?

If that's the case, do you like the idea of him going as a heel, or you prefer him as a face?


Lion Rampant
As long as people want to see DX, Michaels and Trips will both remain heel-leaning tweeners. HBK is selling internal conflict in his facial expressions now and it's just a matter of a short time until the angle comes to a head and he explodes on JBL. That's how I see it going down, anyway; kind of like how Team 3D recently turned on and brutally rejected the MEM on iMPACT (and, as the Dudley Boyz, on the then-WWF's Right To Censor crew the exact same way in 2001).


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I guess he's technically a heel but it won't last. He doesn't want to be with JBL so eventually he'll turn on Bradshaw and they'll have a match. Pretty simple stuff lol.